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Energy Healing Soul
Energy work, shamanic healing and body psychotherapy to heal your heart, body and soul; with Melanie Swan.

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Acute Stress Disorder
This site features articles and opinions from recognized trauma expert Dr. Brian Trappler. The articles provide in-depth analysis of psychological trauma as related to modern tragedies, terrorism and political events.

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Abundance Coaching
The abundance coaching Global/International and United States website provides different coaching programs and services, which focuses on providing every persons and individuals who wants to identify their potentials and possibilities in life to achieve abundance in life as guided by a certified life coach champion, Scott Epp, who works to help you reach your goals and dreams in life.

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Addiction Treatment Centers
A collection of recovery resources and links to addiction treatment centers in your area. Our goal is to help the struggling alcoholic and addict while providing guidance to affected family members and friends

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Affordable Drug Rehab Programs
Let us help you locate successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs that are affordable. Find shorter term or longer term affordable rehab centers.

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Autism Action Plan
This members only site is an incredible resource, to parents with autistic kids, and includes a large variety of video lectures and presentations, a step-by-step guide to start a biomedical autism intervention, a troubleshooting section, plus direct interaction with Dr. Woeller, via his Live Video Chats and Parent Forum Chat Room.

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Autism Recovery Treatment
This is Dr. Kurt Woellers blog site for biomedical autism intervention. You can see here variety of video lectures and presentations, a step-by-step guide to start a biomedical autism intervention.

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Counselors Without Borders
Professional counseling services is provided for a variety of mental health and wellbeing issues to promote personal, professional and spiritual growth. Services are provided by telephone, online and in-person. Remote or long-distance services are by phone, skype, email and a quick response plan for persons who can access help when they need it.

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Dealing With Social Anxiety
An information site for people dealing with social anxiety.

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Drug and Alcohol Test Specialists
Substance misuse toxicology services offered by Eurofins Genetic Services include the provision of accredited drug and alcohol testing. Hair sample analysis is carried out to determine whether there is evidence of drug misuse or long-term alcohol abuse and to monitor rehabilitation.

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How To Overcome Shyness
Don't buy Shyness Social Anxiety before you read this review. I used this program to overcome my shyness and social anxiety and wrote a personal account here.

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How to Stop Panic Attacks
Panic attacks are very hard to ignore. Restlessness, headaches and sleeplessness or impending feeligns of doom are all signs that your anxiety is getting out of control. Learn how to stop panic attacks and control anxiety on this free site.

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Information on Types of Schizophrenia
Offers medical information on schizophrenia, including its causes, symptoms, history, treatment, and diagnosis.

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Mind Training eCourse
A library of articles and discussion relating to self improvement, self development and mind training. A totally free no obligation 7 lesson ecourse that will teach the basics and allow you to make informed decisions on further study choices.

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NLP Training Courses
The Martinsell Training Centre provides life changing training experiences. Set in a beautiful location, they provide a tranquil environment for their NLP and hypnotherapy training courses. They also run life experience courses in fire walking.

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