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AGS Furnitures-Teak Garden Furniture
We offer high quality of teak garden furniture and many other kinds of furniture. We have certificates of TFT, FSC and SVLK since we care sustainability of forest products.

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Extensive and detailed information about bananas. Banana health benefits, nutrition facts, recipes and history

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Black Currant
Detailed information about black currants,black currant shrub, how to plant them and black currant recipes.

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Black Walnut
All you ever wanted to know about black walnuts: how to grow walnuts, nutritional facts, health benefits and plant history

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Bushranger Water Tanks
The Tankmasta T2 water tank range direct from Bushranger was designed specifically to surpass the harshest Australian conditions.

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Clay Garden Pots
Improve and enhance your garden with the large variety of terra cotta clay pots from Billy`s Clay Pots. Our garden planters are weather resistant to withstand the cold winter temperatures.

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Guide to Rose Gardening and Growing Roses
Techniques the pros use for successful Rose Gardening. Tips for planting and growing your own beautiful rose garden.

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Hollow Rocks
Our hollow rocks conceal an array of utility equipment and other lawn blemishes. Hollow rocks are also excellent landscaping tools, adding natural beauty to your home because they look like real rocks! See all of our garden accents.

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Detailed information about kiwi fruit, kiwifruit vines, how to plant them and serve them.

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