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Association Vittfarne
A Swedish non-profit organization promoting research about travelling methods of the vikings.

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Book Of Mormon Prophets
This all about the Modern Prophets in our times that LDS faith believes that if we have prohet before we do have living prophets in our day. You can read the articles and talks of the prophets in our day in this website.

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Medieval Times
We are drawn to the Legend of King Arthur for his goodness in a world filled with violence and warfare. He had at his beck and call a noble band of loyal knights who could also be fierce warriors if the occasion called for it.

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The History of Scotland
Scotland has a history full of legends and factual accounts. The people of Urquhart and Glenmoriston protected an important corridor between England and the Scottish crown. On one occasion, every man, woman and child in Urquhart castle were put to death.

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